Paul Clarke Real Estate Agent

Paul Clarke Real Estate Agent


Just wanted to send you a personal and very large thank you for all you did for us! I know that without YOU this would not have happened. 

Please keep in touch and drop in whenever you are in the area.

Kind regards and again - many thanks for all your hard work on our behalf.


Val- Masons Point road


Hi Paul,

I just want to say thank you for all your help today.  

It's another relief for me now that the flashing has been done and even though Chris was here doing the work as the contractor, I know you were helping too.

I really appreciate all you've done for me so far.  I don't think any other Realtor would be available or as willing to help as much as you have.

Thank you,


Hi Paul,

Thank you.  You sold my house and found me a new home, and you did it all in just a few months. 

You know the circumstances of selling my house were extremely difficult for me, and I really believe that if I didn't have you as a real estate agent the house wouldn't be sold yet.  You're a very patient man.

I appreciate the fact that when you held an open house you had Helen with you to ensure my personal belongings were secure.

Through your connections in the construction industry, I was able to get the challenges of the home inspection done quickly and at reasonable prices.  The time you spent with the contractors was above and beyond what would normally be expected from a real estate agent but you were always available.  It's a bonus to have an agent like you who knows the real estate market and the construction industry.

And thank you for finding me a new home.  It was another challenge sorting through the many condos but I finally took your advice and looked at your first suggestion.   You were right.  This lovely new condo in Bedford is the best one for me.  

I signed with you through a recommendation from another seller whose property you sold under challenging circumstances.   They said you have a strong sense of integrity and you are knowledgeable and you are enthusiastic - I agree.

Thank you so very much,

Paul Clarke
604 354 7894


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